Across many industries within the commercial world, the digital revolution has changed the way that individuals and organisations go about their work. The designing and printing of premium wine labels is no different. Pencils and stencils have been replaced by complex design software and when it comes to the actual printing, the costly means of analogue production is being replaced by digital technologies.

Conventional printing methods are by no means obsolete technologies; they still have their place for longer print runs and on specialised projects. In recent years however, the quality of digital printing technology has progressed dramatically and now the quality of ‘digital offset’ rivals its traditional counterpart. In addition, what makes digital printing so enticing these days is that the range of papers and substrates is more extensive than ever before; be it premium papers, textured papers or transparent polymeric films.

Ultimately, digital printing gives both designers and label printers more flexibility than was ever available with analogue printing.

Here’s our short take on how and why:


Artwork can be loaded onto digital presses within seconds. We, along with our clients, are able to work hand-in-hand with label printing companies, allowing us to review proofs as they are printed and even make immediate changes while we wait.

Multi-versioned runs

Digital printing allows for cost-effective multi-versioning of labels within one print run. This is perfect for different vintages, varietals and even when catering to different geographical markets.


There was a time when commercial label printing was very much centered on long print runs. The longer print runs essentially absorbed the high set-up fees; this is no longer necessary. Short runs, anywhere from as little as 1000 labels, can be produced cost effectively.

Short lead times

Minimal set-up and no need for producing print plates means reduced turnaround times. It is now possible to be applying wine labels to bottles that were printed and finished less than 24 hours ago.

Finishing touches

When it comes to premium wine labels, the focus isn’t solely on the quality of the print. Premium wine labels use finishes such as hot foil stamping, embossing and spot varnishing, all these options can be used to great effect with digitally printed labels.

As more and more designers and printers move their businesses towards digital printing, the ability for greater creative freedom is being realised and this ultimately benefits not only clients, but also the industry as a whole. (the label printers ltd) is an online label printing company that has embraced the digital revolution and invested heavily in a fleet of state of the art presses, finishing machines and an online ‘web2press’ procurement and management format. The company produces premium quality wine labels and other product labeling for brands of all shapes and sizes worldwide. The company stems out of the wine producing region of Germany (operating as ‘’ in mainland Europe) and also owns and operates a number of conventional offset machines to aid with print runs that are longer in nature.

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