Award Winning John Jewell Design

Award Winning

John Jewell Design has won a number of prestigious awards for wine branding projects and excellence in business services


Whilst our focus isn’t spent on winning awards, when we do win, it provides our clients and staff with a great deal of reassurance and satisfaction

  • Gmund Award 2018 (Germany)

    The Best Packaging
    The Belle Blush

  • 2018 National Print Awards for 'Labels other than Offset'

    Silver Medal
    Fly Away Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

  • 2018 Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards

    Gold Medal
    Fly Away Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
    Silver Medal
    Solitary Man 2016 Shiraz

  • 2017 Australian FPLMA Labels Award

    Artist’s Palette

  • 2015 San Francisco International Wine Label Design Competition

    Gold Medal
    Zilzie Wines Regional Collection Prosecco

  • 2014 LATMA Wine Label Competition (Australia)

    Silver Medal
    Gapsted Moscato Rosa

  • 2011 LATMA Wine Label Competition (Chicago)

    Bronze Medal
    The Other Woman Wine Brand

  • 2010 LATMA Wine Label Competition (Chicago)

    Silver Medal
    Koi Selection Reserve Shiraz Label

  • 2009 PICA Wine Label Printing Awards (Australia)

    Koi Shiraz Label

  • 2003 LATMA Wine Label Competition (Australia)

    Bronze Medal
    Murphy’s Lore brand – Trentham Estate

  • The 2002 19th National Print Awards (Australia)

    Gold Medal
    Avenel Park Vineyards 
Shiraz Cabernet


Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • We all really like what you guys do, and it's hard to find good designers that 'get' wine. Really appreciate all of your help so far.
    Phillip Whyburn
    Franc About Wine
  • John has a wealth of deep insight into a seemingly simple, yet extremely complex aspect of a global industry that has significant impacts for producers, retailers and consumers. Wine labels that work are a combination of principles from consumer psychology, brand strategy, graphic design and print technology. I would recomend you listen to John's talk if you're in any way involved in either the wine or the print industry, or even if you just love drinking wine; guaranteed you'll walk away having learned something.
    Meqa Smith
    The Unforgettable Agency
  • It was a treat being able to see your catalog. A beautiful example of artistry and technical mastery. It is extraordinary, they are elegant and intriquing. I imagine more than one wine maker has thought to themselves,"I hope the wine I put inside is as gorgeous as the label”
    Ralph de Amicis
    Amicis Tours
  • We've built a strong relationship with John Jewell Design over the years, so when we needed a new label for our online store, we didn't hesitate in heading straight to the Off-The-Shelf section of their website. Our Oak Road Estate labels are already seeing great success online, and the finish on the printed labels is outstanding. Attention to detail has always been a strong suit of the John Jewell Design team, both in their work, and their customer service. I can't recommend them highly enough.
    Phillip Casella
    Oak Road Estate, Australia
  • "Just wanted to say that it is good to meet people in business like yourself, no stuffing about and easy to do business with."
    Matt Farrah
    Rogue Wines