By: John Jewell

Chengdu Wine Show was a first for John and what an eye opener it was. With the help of Tyler John toured the show every day along with the other 100’000 people.

  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show

Claustrophobic but fun John Jewell

Tyrrell's Rufus Stone Wine Label Design

After nearly 20 years the Rufus label needed an update. John Jewell Design was able to provide that whilst maintaining the key elements of the packaging.

Bruce Tyrrell, Tyrrells Wines

A fresh new look for John Jewell Design

A great way to start the new year!

John Jewell design has kicked off 2014 with a brand new website that leads the way in both functionality and design.

With sharp lines and a crisp, clean aesthetic, the site is easy to navigate and provides the perfect setting for showcasing the best that John Jewell Design has to offer.

The new-look site boasts brand-new features such as the sophisticated “Design Selector”. It allows clients to search and filter label designs, get up close and personal with the easy-to-use zoom function, as well as reserve or store their favourite label designs.

Accompanying the release of the site, John Jewell Design has also launched two inspired new collections within their label catalogue. The “Promo Sale” collection is aimed at clients that have a tight budget and timeframe. It delivers premium, inexpensive design concepts ready for immediate use. The “Shrink Sleeve” collection is an innovative way to enhance any brand and achieve maximum shelf appeal.

All of these features work seamlessly across a range of different platforms, whether it be PC or Mac, phone or tablet, you can access the site from wherever you are.

Sails of Hope Wine Label Design

The ‘Sails of Hope’ label provided a unique opportunity for the team at John Jewell Design; create a heritage-style label, but give it a modern, youthful edge.

Starting with traditional ship illustrations and a request that the map of Australia should also be incorporated, our talented designer Bri was able to meld these elements with a lush, contemporary colour palette and a subtle use of rich, gold foil. What resulted was a label that spoke of history and tradition, whilst also portraying a youthful spirit. The clever use of colour allows the label to appeal to a broader audience, whilst still conveying a sense of prestige and quality.

The addition of the neck tag was another important feature of the design. Its seamless integration into the packaging allows the label to remain uncluttered whilst still providing consumers with detailed region and tasting information. It acts to strength shelf presence, providing consumers with a point of difference and by design, it’s removable nature means it can be kept as a cue for repeat purchase.

A word from Mica Australia…

Once again, the team at John Jewell design have done a tremendous job of bringing to life our vision; creating unique, eye-catching labels for a new range of wines. They were professional, easy to work with and created labels that were very much in line with our design brief. We are more than impressed with the quality of the work produced.

Josh P Sawyer, Mica Australia

Sails of Hope Wine Label Design

John visits Prowein and Shanghai

  • John & Melanie Gungor Schmitt Sohne Wines - Germany
  • Franz Lieven Fine Drinks International- Germany
  • John, Franz Lieven & Caroline Simonis Zilzie Wines Pty Ltd - Australia
  • John, Phillip Shaw - Australia

Summer White Wine Label Design

Innovative wine label design!

We were looking for an eye-catching and fresh approach for a category that is just building up in Europe. John Jewell Design came up with a great idea first time round. They createda cost-effective packaging concept taking into account technical feasibility. We are confident that this label will be the break-through for our product!

Heidrun Bebendorf, WSK OSTRAU GmbH

Millon Estate 53 and 303 Wine Labels

We have been very impressed with the design of our 2 labels, the ‘53’ and ‘303’. John Jewell Design has struck just the right balance in creating something of a contemporary style while at the same time maintaining a distinct level of elegance and sophistication, which is perhaps more associated with traditional ‘old world’ label design.

We needed something that would be eye-catching and stand out on the shelf, yet at the same time we needed to be mindful of what consumers in our target market have come to expect in terms of wine label design. It couldn’t be anything too eclectic and ‘out there’, but we also wanted to get away from some of the boring clichés common of the more traditional label styles. John’s design accomplished all of that, and we could not be happier with how our target consumers have responded to these labels. The end result has been a pair of labels that are stylish, attractive to the eye and unique in their own way.

Josh Sawyer, Marketing Coordinator Mica Australia

On John’s latest trip to the London for the LIWF was extremely beneficial to John Jewell Design, but what was even more amazing was the two weeks after.

He spent these weeks traveling Europe researching the wine market and the styles that are taking over the industry. This research is what has proven to develop John Jewell Design into one of the creative leaders that it is today.

From this research we have now produced another 40 innovative designs for our online catalogue with even more yet to be produced.

John recently attended the 2013 London International Wine Fair (LIWF) where he met with many of our existing UK and European clients. He also had meetings with several potential new clients.

After John attending a full three days at Prowein in Germany, John has made some amazing contacts along with an array of future business opportunities for John Jewell Design.

We received this testimonial from Saskia A. Prum after John’s trip to Prowein.

“Dear Mr Jewell, It was very nice to meet you personally at Prowein. Thank you again very much for your great design for our new labels. Great job of your team!”Saskia A. Prum

John was also given fantastic feed back regarding our bespoke labels and the quality of work that has been produced recently.


Catalogue Revamp

In the last three months John Jewell Design has been working hard to create new innovative wine label designs for our catalogue. There are now over 250 wine labels for our clients to choose from in all styles to suit your needs. These labels can be accessed from our online catalogue.

Happy browsing.

Zilzie Wines Website

It’s not enough these days for websites to just look “pretty”, they need to be fully functional across a range of different platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile devices), as well as provide users with an interface that is easy to use, and our clients with a content management system that allows them to change their website at a moment’s notice.

We had all this in mind when taking onboard the task of rebuilding the Zilzie Wines website.

Zilzie were looking for a site that would reflect their new wine branding, as well provide consumers with a personalized experience that would encourage purchase through the online store, as well as repeat visits to the site.

The build process we undertake at John Jewell Design is all-encompassing and includes website analysis, concept development, social media integration, testing over multiple platforms, and even staff training. We also believe in taking a collaborative approach with our clients, and we worked hand-in-hand with the Zilzie team throughout the process to ensure that the finished product delivered well beyond expectations.

A word from Zilzie…

The e-commerce channel is growing and changing everyday, JJD was able to offer the creative vision and technical know-how to build not only an impressive looking website, but a functional shopping cart that is easy for our wine-club members to navigate. Nothing usually beats on time and on budget, but we also regained control, JJD provided a manual and training, giving us the capabilities to edit 100% of our website so that it can change and grow alongside our business.

Carolyn Simonis, Zilzie Wines