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Rejuvenate vs Renovate

To keep your label relevant in a fast moving market, John Jewell Design believes there are two options; rejuvenate or renovate. Both are equally important, and it takes the skill of the John Jewell Design team to read the market and understand which option is the best for your brand.

To rejuvenate your label, subtle tweaks are made to the existing design. This breathes new life without making drastic changes or straying too far from the existing look. This option is utilised when the current label is still performing well, however requires a boost to ensure it stays on course and doesn’t begin to decline in appeal. The rejuvenated label is instantly recognisable as the same brand, but with updates to keep it fresh.

Renovating a label sees the development of a totally new design, only keeping identified key elements crucial to ensuring existing consumers are able to recognise the label on the shelf. When renovating a label, often a bold new approach is taken to ensure that the new design is ahead of the curve. This strategy ensures that the new design will have relevancy for years rather than just months, and also enhances the design’s ability to jump-off the shelf in an otherwise cluttered marketplace. Renovating a label is often the best course of action when a brand has plateaued and needs a fresh new image to reenergise sales, and encourage growth and reengagement from consumers.

If you think your label could use a facelift, contact the team at John Jewell Design and let their expertise determine if it’s time to rejuvenate or renovate.

Wine Industry Outlook Conference 2014

John recently visited the Wine Industry Outlook Conference in Adelaide. John found the conference very informative.

Gapsted Hidden Story Wine Label Design

The innovation of the Hidden Story label lies in the combination and application of both paper, gold and silver foils on a clear adhesive label stock. This development for wine labels delivers a premium expensive look for a global market whilst still being cost effective for the client.

John Jewell Design devised the concept for the label, then sent the artwork to printing partners in Germany to prepare full-spec mock-ups for review. The print results were astounding and the overall concept achieved the brief of producing a label that would create maximum interest in a crowded retail environment, whilst delivering something not often seen in the industry.

The design’s objective was to convey the family lineage through a simple graphic representation. This was achieved twofold by illustrating the detailed veins of a leaf, which, upon further inspection, also depicts the silhouette of a tree. Both interpretations of the image symbolising the Gapsted Wines family tree.

So as not to detract from the powerful design, the branding was purposely kept to a minimum, and instead of producing a text heavy back label, a QR code is utilised, leading consumers to the Gapsted website for further information about the brand and the wines.

  • Wine Label Design - Stanton & Killeen Jack's Block
  • Website Design & Construction - Stanton & Killeen
  • Wine Label Design - Stanton & Killeen Rosé Reserve

As times rapidly change, everything ages faster. Brand rejuvenation is an integral part of keeping your brand fresh and relevant to today’s consumers and can breathe life into a company, resulting in growth.

When updating the look and feel of an established brand, it is important to build on the brand’s heritage, to improve on their strengths and appeal to a new generation of consumers without alienating existing relationships. This is something John Jewell Design kept in mind when working with the internationally recognised Stanton & Killeen range.

The brief was to create a range of labels that reflected a sense of place and touched on the long history of the winery.

John Jewell Design developed a comprehensive look and feel that is truly in sync with the overall brand identity. From the Icon range through to the Limited Release, Premium and Everyday range the new labels project a sense of heritage and quality, with the use of rich gold speaking to the distinguished nature of the wines.

We feel the new labels stay true to our 140 year history, yet also invite new people to connect with our brand using contemporary design elements.Natasha Killeen

John Jewell Design also rebuilt the Stanton & Killeen Wines website which was very outdated in both look and functionality. Launched in February this year the new site has been a great success creating a modern, user-friendly design that unifies the Stanton & Killeen brand.

Tyrrell's Lost Block Wine Label Design

The strength of the new Lost Block labels lies in the distinctive and dynamic illustrations that were brought to life after months
of development.

The previous labels focused solely on typography, however when it came time to re-energise the brand, the brief given to the team at John Jewell Design
was to create a label that would appeal to a younger demographic while also conveying the story of the Lost Block in a contemporary fashion.

Illustration was key and months were spent on draft sketches to fine-tune the image of the Vineyard Manager, as his presence on each label would play an
integral role in tying the range together. A distinctive scenario was then created to distinguish each varietal, while still utilizing the same design
cues to ensure that each label worked together as part of a cohesive larger story.

Earthy tones were used to create the individual scenarios, whilst the distinctive blue of the vineyard manager’s shirt allows him and his ‘searching’ to
take center stage in each illustration.

To provide existing consumers of Lost Block with an easily identifiable link between the old and new labels, the original typography of the “Lost Block”
was preserved, and the Tyrrell’s name was incorporated into the capsule.

With bold illustrations and a fresh new face, this rebranding of one of Tyrrell’s flagship brands, re-energises it for a whole new generation of wine-lovers.

A word from Tyrrell’s…

What we wanted to achieve with this refresh was a more graphic depiction of the ”Lost Block” story, in an interesting and quirky way, we are very happy
with the final result

Mike Cutrupi, Sales & Marketing Manager Tyrrell’s Wines

Terrell's Lost Block Wine Label Design

John travels have seen him recently return from Prowein in Germany and Chengdu Wine Show in China.

Prowein – Germany

John spent his time in Prowein catching up with our European clients, meeting with potential new ones and, with what little time he had left, exploring & researching the international market discovering new styles, trends & labelling techniques in the wine industry.

John’s discoveries will help John Jewell Design develop an extremely creative and varied style of labels whilst also focusing on developing a portfolio of BIB designs that are both revolutionary in the packaging and the imagery.

John also travelled extensively throughout Germany meeting with clients and printers.

It is always fascinating to see what the world is doing in wine and beverage packaging and discovering new wine trends like the “Hugo” brands in Germany and the raft of fruit wine blended products in the market in Europe. It is particularly gratifying to see the explosion of Prosecco sparkling styles now available John Jewell

John also found a number of brilliant printers in Germany that can produce the packaging that the John Jewell Design team needs to be able to satisfy our creative desires. There are some exciting design developments on the horizon.

Chengdu Wine Show was a first for John and what an eye opener it was. With the help of Tyler John toured the show every day along with the other 100’000 people.

  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show
  • Chengdu Wine Show

Claustrophobic but fun John Jewell

Tyrrell's Rufus Stone Wine Label Design

After nearly 20 years the Rufus label needed an update. John Jewell Design was able to provide that whilst maintaining the key elements of the packaging.

Bruce Tyrrell, Tyrrells Wines

A fresh new look for John Jewell Design

A great way to start the new year!

John Jewell design has kicked off 2014 with a brand new website that leads the way in both functionality and design.

With sharp lines and a crisp, clean aesthetic, the site is easy to navigate and provides the perfect setting for showcasing the best that John Jewell Design has to offer.

The new-look site boasts brand-new features such as the sophisticated “Design Selector”. It allows clients to search and filter label designs, get up close and personal with the easy-to-use zoom function, as well as reserve or store their favourite label designs.

Accompanying the release of the site, John Jewell Design has also launched two inspired new collections within their label catalogue. The “Promo Sale” collection is aimed at clients that have a tight budget and timeframe. It delivers premium, inexpensive design concepts ready for immediate use. The “Shrink Sleeve” collection is an innovative way to enhance any brand and achieve maximum shelf appeal.

All of these features work seamlessly across a range of different platforms, whether it be PC or Mac, phone or tablet, you can access the site from wherever you are.

Sails of Hope Wine Label Design

The ‘Sails of Hope’ label provided a unique opportunity for the team at John Jewell Design; create a heritage-style label, but give it a modern, youthful edge.

Starting with traditional ship illustrations and a request that the map of Australia should also be incorporated, our talented designer Bri was able to meld these elements with a lush, contemporary colour palette and a subtle use of rich, gold foil. What resulted was a label that spoke of history and tradition, whilst also portraying a youthful spirit. The clever use of colour allows the label to appeal to a broader audience, whilst still conveying a sense of prestige and quality.

The addition of the neck tag was another important feature of the design. Its seamless integration into the packaging allows the label to remain uncluttered whilst still providing consumers with detailed region and tasting information. It acts to strength shelf presence, providing consumers with a point of difference and by design, it’s removable nature means it can be kept as a cue for repeat purchase.

A word from Mica Australia…

Once again, the team at John Jewell design have done a tremendous job of bringing to life our vision; creating unique, eye-catching labels for a new range of wines. They were professional, easy to work with and created labels that were very much in line with our design brief. We are more than impressed with the quality of the work produced.

Josh P Sawyer, Mica Australia

Sails of Hope Wine Label Design