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Navigating your Digital Terrain

Navigating your Digital Terrain

Developing a purposeful website with a seamless user experience is a necessity for any business. This isn’t news, but redesigning a website - or building it from scratch - can seem like a monumental task and many businesses just don’t know where to start.

To get the inside word on what’s trending in the online sphere, we spoke to digital strategist and director of Dash of Red, Sean Kelly.

Sean acknowledges that people are incredibly time poor and, as a result, may not have paused to reflect on the seismic shift in customers using smartphones and tablets to browse and buy online. “Websites need to have a strong visual impact, clear information hierarchy and be super simple to navigate on a mobile device.” Sean adds, “there’s a shift away from text heavy pages that people just don’t read, to much more minimalistic design, with stories told through images and compelling text.”

These days, people spend less than 30 seconds on a site and if they can’t find what they’re looking for within that time they’ll leave and - along with them - goes your opportunity for a sale. Sean tells us that this is why the speed of your site is just as important as the content. “You need to ensure that everything on your site is fully compressed and optimised to run quickly”. He goes on to say, “customers won’t wait for your site to load, they demand fast, small sites and if you can’t deliver, they’ll happily find another site that does”.

It’s not just the website design that needs to evolve, the way businesses sell to potential clients is also undergoing a change. Sean encourages his clients to steer away from discounts and instead focus on strategies and offers, such as value-adds, to build brand loyalty and drive ongoing sales.

So, with all these changes happening so quickly, where is the best place to start? Sean’s business Dash of Red delivers end-to-end solutions for clients looking to better utilise this pivotal marketing channel. “As well as web development, we also offer ongoing email marketing options, database acquisition campaigns, and lead nurturing.” “Database segmentation is a real game changer for businesses.” He continues, “knowledge is power, and the ability to target customers with newsletters and offers that apply specifically to them and their interests is an altogether smarter way to sell”.

John Jewell Design has partnered with Sean to deliver digital solutions for our customers. So, if you’re ready to take your website to the next level, contact John Jewell Design on 02 6040 4433.